In Iowa, multiple OWIs may result in steep penalties

If you have received one or more past convictions for operating while intoxicated, any new OWI charges may result in increasingly severe penalties.

From restrictions on your driving privileges to steep fines, jail time and a potential felony conviction, it is important to take the potential consequences of a repeat DUI seriously.

Increasing penalties for multiple OWIs

In Iowa, even a first OWI offense may lead to a misdemeanor conviction as well as penalties against your license. If you fail a chemical test, you may have to apply for a temporary restricted license and install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. You may also have to serve time in jail and pay a hefty fine.

If you receive a second, third or subsequent DUI within a certain period, the severity of charges and penalties may increase dramatically. A second OWI may rise to the level of an aggravated misdemeanor, which may mean you will have to serve a minimum number of days in jail, participate in a substance abuse education course and pay for both court costs and criminal fines.

After a third OWI, you may face a class D felony conviction. In addition to revocation of your license for several years, a felony conviction may come with an extended period of imprisonment, a minimum fine in the thousands of dollars and a mark on your record that may last for years to come.

A strong defense may minimize the impact of charges

Whether you are facing your first OWI charges or already have one or more convictions on record, mounting a strong defense may help you to avoid an overly harsh judgment that could otherwise derail your life.