5 strategies in overcoming an assault charge

by | May 20, 2021 | Assault

It was a senseless insult that started it, and it was a needless punch that ended it. A disagreement on the street led to fisticuffs between you and another person. He hurled abusive words your way. You tried to ignore him, but then he confronted you and got in your face.

That punch you threw and squarely landed on the guy’s jaw has led to a criminal assault charge. The consequences you face are serious. That punch can lead to a criminal conviction, jail sentence, probation, fines, restitution and, perhaps, a civil lawsuit. How can you effectively overcome this charge? Certain criminal defense strategies exist.

Self-defense, duress

In working with a skilled criminal defense attorney, you made a good decision. Your attorney will pursue legal strategies that may get an assault charge dismissed or reduced. And, if your case goes to trial, an attorney will diligently work to achieve an acquittal.

Here are some of the strategies that just might help you overcome an assault charge:

  • Self-defense: When someone else initiates the violence as the aggressor, you have no choice but to defend yourself.
  • Defending other people: Aiding another person in a violent situation represents another scenario in defending against assault charges.
  • The act was justifiable: In situation where you fear for your life, you are forced to act quickly or become a victim. Your actions were justifiable when confronting an aggressive individual.
  • Duress: You felt pressure to commit the wrongful act, lest you become the victim of violence yourself.
  • The resulting consequences were unintended: The action led to the injury of another person, but you had no intention to harm that person.

An assault charge and conviction may tarnish your personal and professional reputation. Nothing good can come from it. But you want to make sure that a judge or jury clearly hear the details of your case. That way, a more acceptable outcome is possible.